The website launch is also the occasion to look back on our short story and tell you more about the game development.

Replay Story

Replay, as it was more soberly named at that time, is first a 5 students project from IIM, Danial, Titouan, Florian, Maxime and Ferdinand, started in February 2013. Publicly shown at the Paris Games Week 2013 on the IIM booth, Replay was nominated in the Innovation Category at Game Paris Award 2013 and won the Creativity Award at Montpellier Game Critics 2013.

In February 2014, the core team, Danial the Game Designer, Titouan the Programmer and Florian the Graphist, joined Neko Entertainment to continue and complete the project.

Since, Replay: VHS is not dead, as we call it now, has been showcased in diverse events. The game won the Jury Award at FLIP Video Game Trophy 2014, he was also showcased in Paris Games Week 2014 and Indie Games Play 3 in Lyon. Meanwhile, the game development has advanced a lot. We’ll run through the details in new articles.

~ The Replay team