Looks like we never took the time to explain clearly the gameplay, so here’s basically how you play the game!


The player controls alternatively the scene actors (from 2 to 5 actors depending on the level’s difficulty) and must combine their capacities to resolve the level puzzle. The principle is simple: Get each character to a fixed point in the level. Progressively, the player will understand the characters’ importance: he will use them in a collaborative way, for example, in order to climb a wall (give somebody a leg-up) or activate a mechanism (push a button to open a door). The player will be able to play again one or multiple actors as many times as necessary, to synchronize their actions and moves. This Replay principle is the main game’s feature. Replaying the scene by travelling through time, offers an important depth of play, challenging the player’s creativity to complete the levels, to improve their score and to get the secondary objective.

User Interface


  1. Time Scene
  2. Shows current action (now recording)
  3. 1st Character Action (now playing recorded actions)
  4. 2nd Character Action (now recording)
  5. 2nd Character Portrait (Ending spot)
  6. 1st Character Portrait (Ending spot)

Step by step

First, select your character


Then make an action (such as jump or push a crate)


Once the end is reached, it’s time to rewind, to go back in time and switch character.


When playing the second character, you can see the first player’s actions have been recorded and are being played automatically.


Objective and replayability

In each level, you have multiple objectives:

  • Complete the scene to unlock the next level
  • Collect the key to unlock bonus levels
  • Be as fast as possible to get the gold medal